‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Flag Appears During Live MSNBC Broadcast – Video

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Since the “Let’s Go Brandon” slogan emerged, it has popped up at different events attended by the US president’s critics, who routinely chant this slogan during rallies, placing it on banners, protective masks and T-shirts.

During a recent MSNBC live broadcast, reporter Mike Memoli was covering Joe Biden’s New York City visit amid a surge in crime; several people appeared behind him at the moment when the host was asking a reporter about President Joe Biden’s press conference.

One man seized the moment and displayed a flag bearing the slogan “Let’s Go Brandon.” Everything happened so quickly that no one had time to react.

Moments later, the man was moved away from the camera.

Biden arrived in New York on Thursday afternoon, where he called for more funding for community policing and law enforcement. He announced a new set of measures aimed at reducing gun violence across the country.

According to the White House, the Biden administration will crack down on illegal arms trafficking, and help prosecutors bring cases against those who use “ghost weapons” – untraceable firearms without serial numbers – to commit crimes, and prosecute illegal arms dealers.

The phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” became popular with US conservatives after an October NASCAR race in Alabama. The crowd was shouting “F**k Joe Biden”, but a TV reporter was trying to hide it by suggesting during an interview with racing driver Brandon Brown that the people were actually chanting “Let’s go, Brandon.”

The phrase has become a slogan among Joe Biden critics.

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